Undergraduate courses

Lectures and laboratory courses

SCBT302 Microbial Physiology and Genetics *

SCBT401 Bioinformatics*

SCME263 Nanobiotechnology**

SCME382 Practical Techniques in Materials Science and Nano Engineering**

Undergraduate research

SCBT485 Special Project in Biotechnology I*

SCBT486 Special Project in Biotechnology II*

SCBT487 Undergraduate Thesis in Biotechnology I***

SCBT488 Undergraduate Thesis in Biotechnology II***

SCBT605 Techniques in Biotechnology***


SCBT343 Topic in Biotechnology

SCBT493 Seminar in Biotechnology I*

SCBT494 Seminar in Biotechnology II*

*Course coordinator

**Materials Science and Nano Engineering program

***Honors program

Graduate courses


SCBT608 Current topics in Biotechnology*

Graduate research

SCBT605 Techniques in Biotechnology


SCBT691 Biotechnology Seminar I*

SCBT692 Biotechnology Seminar II*

SCBT694 Seminar in Advanced Biotechnology I*

SCBT695 Seminar in Advanced Biotechnology II*

SCBT696 Seminar in Advanced Biotechnology III*

*Course coordinator